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About Us

“Let Your Cosmetics Become An Extension Of Your Personality”

If you need to get high quality cosmetics at affordable prices, Glamour Cosmetics is the right place for you! Here you can find wide assortment of Cosmetics and purchase what you need. Our mission is to deliver every woman a piece of beauty to make her happy and to highlight her beauty and personal individuality by means of cosmetics. Glamour Cosmetics Limited product lines is made of natural, organic and cruelty-free products. Glamour Cosmetics offer stylish quality products at appealing prices to every user in the world.

About Me

“Hi everyone! My name is Donna. I am the Founder and Managing Director of Glamour Cosmetics. Passionate about Cosmetics and makeup i launched Glamour cosmetics as a business to provide women with confidence and beauty through the art of makeup.  

Why Trust us?

“Makeup should not be used as a tool to hide behind, but rather as a form of art to enhance the natural beauty that already exists!”
Using cosmetics is like a science – every element should be on its own place. We can be your guide in this amazing world full of surprises and myriads of exciting details and bonuses. Check the main steps in our cooperation:

  1. Selecting a Cosmetics Consultant
  2. Skin Type Determination
  3. Skin Care Line
  4. Decorative Cosmetic
  5. Evening Make-up Rules

On each step our assistant will communicate with you personally to know you better and to offer you the most appropriate service and tips. You will know what is your basic cosmetics and get expert’s advices.

“Have Any Further Enquiries? Feel Free To Contact Us Now”